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How do I apply?
Please click on the APPLY NOW tab on this website.

How much will I be paid?
You will earn RMB10,000 per month Basic Pay, which is more than R20,000 per month (the ZAR fluctuates greatly, so the exact rate in Rands varies).  This Basic Pay is for teaching 24 hours per week.  If you teach in excess of 24 hrs/wk then you will be paid RMB150 per hour (more than R300 an hour).


Are the remuneration packages you mentioned what I can expect to receive?
Yes. However, certain schools might pay slightly less, and others might even pay more. It all depends on your location, experience etc.

What's the catch? How much do we have to pay you?
There is no catch. To prove to our applicants that we are not a scam we don't ask you anything for our services untill you have been teaching in China for 3 months.
Once you have applied we will send you a service contract stating that we won't charge you anything before you leave but that once you are here and happy with your position we might make a deduction of RMB2000 from only two of your salaries. This means you are safe and don't need to pay us anything untill you are 150%sure of your employment.

Can I apply on MyChina if I am not a SA passport holder.

Unfortunately we can only accept applicants from Native English speaking countries such as South Africa. If you hold a passport for Namibia, the USA, Australia, NZ or the UK you are also welcome to apply.

Can I come over to China with my child?
While this is legally possible, MyChina does not place applicants who have children.  There are just too many added complications, for example the child will not be able to go to school at all in China due to not speaking Chinese. 

How long is the contract?
All contracts are 51 or 102 weeks in length (the start date being your arrival date in China, and the end date being your final day of teaching).

What happens if I want to stay in China more than one year?
Extending your contract for another year is always an option, and means that you don't need to deal with the beaurocracy involved in getting a new working visa (which you would need to do should you wish to move to a new location within China).

Is there an age limit?
There is no legal upper age limit, more like a tried-and-tested one.  Most people over the age of 40 don't have the freedom, the  desire, the mindset or the energy to relocate to a new country and enjoy teaching students who are 4 or more decades younger than themselves.


Do I need a TEFL certificate to teach in China?
Yes. You are welcome to do any 120 hour TEFL certificate of your choice.

When is the best time to apply?

English teachers arriving in China are usually taking the place of departing teachers who have finished their contracts.  Therefore, there is no specific "intake period".  So if you're available right now: apply right now.  If you're wanting to go in a few months time, still apply now, but make sure you state clearly what your availability date is.

Can I apply with a friend?
Not all our schools need two new teachers to begin at exactly the same time, but many do!  So if you want to come over with someone else please just make sure you include that information in your application.

I'm available immediately?  How soon can I arrive?
After you send us your resume, we will set you up with a school immediately, arrange a phone interview, and send you a contract.  All of that should only take a few days.  Now all you need to do is apply for a visa, and buy your plane ticket.  So the entire process, from the beginning to the end, can be completed in as little as 4 to 5 weeks!

How much can I expect to save?
That depends on whether you do overtime teaching or not.  Assuming you only teach the minimum 24 hours per week you will still be taking home R20,000 a month after tax.  Since your accommodation is paid by the school, you're either going to end up doing a lot of shopping, or a lot of saving!

Can I work overtime?
Your contract only stipulates 24 hours of teaching a week, which will leave you with a lot of free time.  If you're interested in teaching extra classes then it's best to let your school manager/principal l know.  However,  it's advisable to wait until you've done a full month or two of teaching before even beginning to think about taking on extra classes.  The more you teach, the better you get at it, and if you're still struggling to find your "groove" in the classroom, taking on extra teaching hours isn't going to help anybody.

How much money do I need to get to China?
Starting your new life needn't be that expensive. A plane ticket cost between R8000 and R12000 - depending on the dates and the airline. The visa application is about R900 and you need about R4000 to survive in China for your first month. But if you get stuck once you are here the schools are usually very helpful.  They will often lend you money against your salary to help you get on your feet.

How much does a ticket to China cost?
Depending on your date of travel and the airline carrier, you will pay between R8,000 and R12,000 for a return ticket.
Keep in mind that once you have completed your contract you get a RMB5,000 airfare bonus.

How can I teach if I don't have any prior teaching experience?
You are not expected to know how to teach on arrival in China.  Teaching English as a foreign language is not something you can learn by studying educational theory.  Instead, first-hand experience is crucial, which is why you will complete a (paid) training course in China before you begin teaching.  

How can I teach children if I can't speak their language?
Even if you were fluent in Mandarin you would still not be allowed to speak it in class.  The teaching method used is full-immersion in the English language.  New vocabulary is taught with the aid of flashcards (cards with pictures on them) and grammar is taught through drills, games, rhymes, poems, songs and pantomime.
You will also have a Mandarin-speaking assistant present in most of your classes, and he/she will translate if it is really needed.

What are the class sizes?
Usually between 7 and 12 students per class (never more than 15).

What should I bring with me?
Pack like you were going on holiday. You will be living in a fully furnished apartment so there is no need to bring your television along. But pack your laptop, medication, clothes, toiletries, the neccesary documents and of course, your camera.

Can I open a bank account in China?
Yes. Your school manager will help you to open a bank account within the first few weeks after arriving.

Can I send money home?
The simple answer is Yes. As a foreigner it is easy to withdraw money from your South African bank account when you are in China. But you cannot go to an ATM to deposit money back into that account. There are other ways to send your money home though. You can open a PayPal account to transfer the money, or you can ask one of your new Chinese colleagues or friends to send money home using SWIFT transfer. They can easily do this using Alipay (an extremely helpfull method of paying in China). Alternatively you can save up and carry hard cash back to South Africa when your contract ends.

How can I communicate with my family and friends back home?
In this day and age, communicating with loved ones, no matter where in the world they may be, is easy.  Once you are in China you can easily get a new sim-card.  There are many different way to get in touch with people back home, such as Skype, Wechat, Whatsapp, email, Facebook etc.  Because mobile data is so cheap, and because ADSL is available at schools, in your apartment, in restaurants etc. communication could not be easier.  In fact, some teachers have told us they chat with their friends and family MORE when they are in China than they used to when they were in South Africa

What do I need to bring/prepare before I leave South Africa?
We would advise that you download a free VPN in South Africa on both your phone and laptop. You should also find a power adapter as the sockets in China look different than back home. You can however just find adapters and download a VPN once you are in China. We would also advise that you go to your bank and open your account internationally. You should also change your internet banking to enable email notifications rather than receiving sms alerts.

How will I get to work every day?
Most teachers will live in close proximity to their schools, so walking and bicycling will be the preferred method of getting to and from work.  However, if a school is located in a downtown (CBD) area,  teachers may need to take the subway to work.

What is the food like?
The food in China is delicious, colourful, fresh and relatively cheap! You have all kinds of options. You may, for example, choose to shop at a western-style supermarket, like Carrefour or Walmart. Alternatively, you may opt to pick up your groceries at a local market on a street corner and cook up your own stir fry.  But most teachers opt for the convenience of stopping at the myriad of cheap Chinese restaurants available in every direction you care to go.  For the less adventurous: there is an over-abundance of KFC, Starbucks and McDonalds in every city.

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